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4 Strategies to Keep Safe at the Pool

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The time has come for hot summer weather to start luring you and everyone you know to the pool. If you have a pool of your own, it’s crucial for the proper safety precautions to be implemented in order to ensure that no one gets hurt this summer. A pool can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the summer, but it can also be one of the most dangerous – especially for younger children. Consider these 4 strategies to help keep your friends and family safe this summer at your pool.


1. Invest in Safety Equipment

First and foremost, investing in safety equipment for your pool can greatly decrease the chance of injury. Make sure your pool deck has all that it needs before anyone starts jumping in this summer.


- Lifesaver with a rope: the rope is important in helping pull the person to the side of the pool after they grab on to the lifesaver.

- US Coast Guard approved ring buoy.

- Shepherd’s hook: the hook is a metal loop that you can attach to the pole you use for vacuuming or skimming. Extend the pole out and wrap the hook around the person in danger. You’ll be able to pull them back to safety with the pole.


- Swimline safety hook.

These pieces of equipment are relatively inexpensive, and just by having them on hand for emergencies you can eliminate a great deal of stress and decrease the chances of injury.


2. Supervise Kids

If you have kids and you own a pool, it’s important for you to talk with them about pool safety. Make sure they’re aware of and understand all of the safety equipment you have around. If you have other kids coming to swim at your pool, talk to them about everything as well. Also make sure they know to stay away from drains at the bottom of the pool. Not only do the drains suction, but hair or jewelry or a bathing suit could get caught in the grate, trapping someone underwater.


Keep an eye on your kids! Even if your kids know how to swim, anything is possible. Simply being present and knowing what’s going on in the pool at all times could literally safe a life. If your kids are going over to swim at someone else’s pool, make sure an adult will be around to watch them there as well.

3. Take Safety Program or Swimming Classes

If you own a pool, taking a CPR class is a really good idea. You’re not only in charge of yourself, but of all of your visitors in the pool as well, so getting up to date on your certifications is important.


Also look into swimming classes for your kids. Again, even if they know how to swim, they should still be supervised, but actually knowing what they’re doing in the water is a necessity.

4. Install a Fence and Safety Cover

Some of the best ways to ensure children as well as adults won’t accidentally fall into the pool is by having a fence that fully encloses the pool and having a cover to put over the pool when it’s not in use. You can even find covers for above ground swimming pools.


A Note on Safety

More time spent outdoors this summer probably means you’ll be spending more time driving your kids from one pool to another and between all of their friends’ houses as well. Keep in mind that more people will be on the road during this season than any other. According to Long Island car accident lawyers, Cohen and Jaffe, thousands of car accidents occur in the New York metro area alone annually. Stay aware this summer as transportation increases all around, and keep these 4 safety strategies in mind as your friends and neighbors flock over for some fun in the water!

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