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Spring is a beautiful time of the year. As the weather brings change, so do we. Packing up the winter to bring in new life calls for this type of change. One of the most rewarding forms of change for families to participate in spring cleaning or as many like to refer to it as “out with the old and in with the new”


Spring Awakening

We’ve spent months inside to avoid the harsh cold of winter and the time to open our windows and air out is among us. A thorough cleaning provides a new since of change as we clean our homes. After packing away the bulky winter apparel that kept us warm all winter, its time to get the house squeaky clean.


There is nothing more refreshing than to walk into your clean home with the aroma of the cleaning supplies that have been used. On a health note, it’s important to know how safe your cleaning supplies are. I strive to conduct research on the cleaners used in my home by ensure that they are environmentally-friendly, especially for your family and indoor pets.

New Season, New Home

For many people, the new season brings a call for change that requires new renovations to your home. Whether this calls for a newly landscaped backyard, rearranging the furniture, or possibly a new roof. For those who are considering the thought of a new roof it is important to consult with a professional that knows how to get the job done as there are hazards that you may not be aware of.


Prior to the 1980's, shingles used for residential homes were reported for containing asbestos. It was one of the first manufactured materials that contained asbestos in the United States. For those who aren’t aware of what asbestos is, it is a fibrous material that, if disturbed, can become inhaled into the lungs resulting in Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a long-term respiratory illness that has no cure. This being considered, hire a professional to assist with any changes that could result in hazards to your home.

New Life

By bringing in healthy, new change to your home, it is an opportunity to bring new life. As the flowers and plants begins to bloom, its an opportunity to consider gardening or even increasing the curb appeal of your home by adding new plants to the landscape.


No matter what new changes you’re looking to implement this season, be sure to consider that all options are good for your health. A healthy home is a happy one.

What are other changes that you and your family are looking to include this spring?

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