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Hold A Car Wash For Your Charity Event!

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Tom Ford once said, “The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” Any successful person, business or organization understands the importance of making connections. You cannot succeed in life without venturing out and making contact with the community around you. Many companies will do this via social media marketing, by communicating with their followers, holding contests, and charity events. Some organizations might hold a community event like a carwash to raise funds.


A charity car wash is common for schools, Sunday school children, cheerleading squads, local small businesses. These events bring volunteers and community members together for a fun cause. And who doesn’t want their car washed for them? It’s a great opportunity for businesses to grow via donations, and it creates relationship with the community members when held as an annual event.

Like any special event or occasion, a charity car wash takes planning! The Following are tips on holding a successful charity car wash.

  • Make sure the weather is clear for your charity event. When it rains, it pours. You want to make sure that you plan a day and time when the weather will be nice and clear. A warm summer day is sure to make for a fun car wash experience.
  • Create a clear and visible sign. Don’t be afraid to announce your event to the community. Have a few volunteers hold up signs for drivers to see. And if the car wash is benefiting a cause, make sure that your sign offers that information. People often feel more compelled to give to charity when they know where their donation is going and how it will benefit a cause.
  • Assign tasks to each volunteer. Have each volunteer be responsible for a specific task. One can be the washer, while another can offer food and drinks to customers. Have someone hand out business cards. This establishes a positive relationship between a business and community members.
  • Establish a financial goal. Make sure that your team members understand their financial goal for the event. Having a clear objective will help you reach your goal and possibly even exceed it. You may consider adjusting your price for services that include waxing or washing larger vehicles like a truck or SUV.
  • Have a table for food and snacks. People are often more inclined to show up to an event or meeting when they know there will be food. Help patrons feel comfortable by offering them options like hot dogs, popcorn, water, or soda pop.
  • Don’t be afraid to entertain. Outdoor events can be more fun when there’s music. Play exciting music during your car wash. Adding fun to your car wash will make for a more fun and memorable time!
  • Get local news coverage. It never hurts to have your car wash listed in the local paper. Have a reporter cover your event and take pictures. This is a great way to bring attention to your business or charity.

A car wash event is the perfect way for a charity to make new connections with community members and establish potential clients. Relationship building is essential to the growth of any business. If you are considering holding a car wash for your business, you may want to consider all safety precautions in the event of any personal injury. Planning well beforehand will make for a more successful car wash experience.

Have you held a car wash for your business or charity? What other tips would you recommend?

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