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How You Can Prevent Injury By Practicing Yoga

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A healing practice in general, yoga has the ability to help your body in many ways. Practicing yoga can loosen tightness in muscles that may have been holding tension for years. While increasing flexibility, it also strengthens muscles, enhances endurance, and keeps you focused on your breath and its ability to guide you through everything you do. Ultimately, practicing yoga can result in preventing injury altogether and even aiding in recovery.


Injury Prevention Through Practicing Yoga

If you’re an athlete or physical laborer of any kind, you probably put a lot of wear and tear on your body. With daily physical activity or strain on the body, your risk of having an injury increases. If you’re a runner, operating heavy machinery, or lifting heavy objects on a regular basis, you always want to be careful of tearing or spraining your muscles.


Practicing yoga is an amazing way to keep your body in balance. Yoga is so dynamic in that it increases flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance.

After a long day of physical activity, your muscles might feel tight, sore or even inflamed. Working through these muscles and softening the fascia and connective tissue around these areas will release lactic acid that builds up during exercise. Loosening the muscles also increases blood flow. In doing this, you’re one step closer to preventing future injuries. In correcting muscular imbalances through practicing yoga, the less likely our bodies are to strain, sprain or tear a certain area.


Guiding You Through Recovery

If you have already undergone some kind of injury, gentle or restorative yoga can help you immensely. Restorative yoga focuses on rebuilding and rejuvenating and is a great place to begin after an injury occurs. The poses in these classes make full use of props such as bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks. You’ll make yourself as comfortable as possible, and hang out in a pose for anywhere up to 5 minutes. Slowly and carefully you’ll allow gravity to help you work through any tightness or imbalances in the body that you might feel.


Gentle yoga is also incredibly restorative and rejuvenating. In many cases it involves a bit more movement than a restorative class, but still moves through the practice slowly and deliberately, allowing you to really take note of the alignment of your body. You’ll not only be addressing your injury, but you’ll be strengthening the surrounding muscles as well.

A Note on Safety

The most important thing to keep in mind when practicing yoga to heal an injury of any kind is to listen to what your body is telling you. The attorneys at Tate Law Offices, personal injury lawyers in Dallas, mention that if you are injured you’ll not only have to focus on recovery, but you’ll need to consider potential costs for medical care and rehabilitation as well. With this in mind while practicing yoga for recovery, be extra careful with your body and pay special attention to how your injured area is feeling. You’re trying to heal, so be gentle with your body and don’t push yourself over the edge.

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