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Your Blood Pressure as a Truck Driver

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Many Americans have high blood pressure – also known as hypertension – which can be attributed to many things. When your blood pressure rises, the force and pressure of the blood in the artery walls can cause serious health problems such as heart disease or stroke.


High blood pressure is one of the major factors affecting the lives of truck drivers. Before commercial truck drivers are even issued a license for driving commercial vehicles, they must undergo a medical exam. Safety is of utmost importance, and having high blood pressure as a commercial truck driver can increase your risk of injury as well as increase that of others driving near you on the road. Even with high blood pressure, however, you can still be certified to drive.

Why is High Blood Pressure Such an Issue for Truck Drivers?

When you’re driving all day long, there are certain factors in place that could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, the food choices you make might be poor simply because you’re always on the go. You might get your sustenance from early morning gas station stops where very little can be found in the way of nutrients.


Additionally, you may have no time to exercise. When you drive for hours and hours on end, your sleep schedule and daily routine can either be completely out of whack or virtually nonexistent.

Habits like smoking can also contribute to the issue of high blood pressure.

How Can You Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check?


Though it may be difficult to find a gym in your area while you’re making pit stops over the course of your journey, there are other ways to stay physically active. You might consider bringing weights or small pieces of workout equipment in the truck with you to use while you’re taking a break. You can also power walk or jog around the truck stop or rest stop before taking a nap.


Stick to a Healthy Diet

While it might seem tempting and much easier to grab gas station snacks and go, or to stop at fast food restaurants while you’re on the move, in the long run you’ll feel so much better – not to mention more energized – by sticking to healthier foods.


Reduce your consumption of red meat and try replacing it with more fruits and vegetables. Also be careful of how much salt you consume. Try stopping at a grocery store and stocking up as opposed to a fast food joint.

Drink more water! This can’t be said enough. Truck drivers especially have the tendency to become dehydrated. Increasing your water intake also helps thin the blood!



Stress is a huge contributing factor to high blood pressure. When you’re on the road all day dealing with other drivers, tension can certainly run high. Again, this is something that exercise can help with greatly, as well as meditation. According to truck accident lawyers in Charlotte, Warren & Kallianos, PLLC, crashes in tractor-trailers are every driver’s worst nightmare because of how devastating they can be. Simply focusing on your breath can reduce your stress levels, help you get a better quality of sleep, and thus decrease your chances of getting in an accident.

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